Hunting is one of America’s greatest past times, and having access to expansive grounds that offer everything you need to create lasting memories is a must. Located near Boerne, TX, Legacy Ranch offers a brand new experience with exotic animal hunting, fishing, and more. Situated in a beautiful area, you can plan your next hunting trip in style. We also provide services for groups and special occasions allowing you to get the most out of your trip with your friends and loved ones.


Exotic Animal Hunting, Wild Turkey & Axis Buck Hunts & Trophy Whitetail Hunts Boerne Texas

Your Source for Exotic Animal Hunting

At Legacy Ranch, we offer our Boerne, TX guests the chance of a lifetime to experience exotic animal hunting. We offer a number of trophy whitetail hunts that provide you with a chance to score your next wall mount. Our bucks are bred bigger than the competition, so try your hand at an Axis Buck hunt. We also offer extensive dove hunting options with our 75 acre field that draws in many different species all year round. Are you interested in wild turkey hunts? At Legacy Ranch, we have something to cater to any preference.


Secure Your Spot for a Fishing Trip in Boerne, TX Today

Experience something different with hunting and fishing options in a beautiful location with Legacy Ranch near Boerne, TX. Whether you simply want something new for your hunting trip, or you have a special occasion to celebrate, we offer it all. Book your adventure today by calling us at (210) 890-5006.