Trophy Whitetail Hunts in South Texas - We have been fortunate to start with great genetics on Legacy Ranch and will continue that with great breeding practices.

Our deer are offered protein and natural brows to assist in cultivation of large, typical antlers. They on average score from 170”-215” and contain only South Texas genetics. Management hunts are also available upon request.

Legacy Ranch has an MLD (Managed Lands Deer) permit that extends our Trophy Whitetail season further than most ranches are allowed.

Season Dates:
Nov. 6th - Jan. 16th
Archery - Oct. 2nd - Nov. 5th

Hunters are required to pay a day fee of $350/day, which will be added to the total cost at the end of the session.

Trophy Whitetail Deer

All hunt purchases are non-refundable, but can be applied to an alternative hunting date in the same season with at least a 30 day advanced notice.

A deers harvest is not guaranteed. You will be charged $350/day if you do not end up drawing blood/hair or harvesting a deer during your hunt. If you are unsuccessful, you can transfer your remaining deposit for the next years hunt.

If you draw blood or hair while attempting to harvest a deer, the deer will be considered dead, even if not recovered, and you will be responsible for full payment. Reasonable efforts will be made to recover any wounded deer. The Ranch Manager’s decision as to the scope of recovery efforts will be final.

Our Trophy Pricing

Up to 130" $1,750
131-140" $2,750
141-150" $3,900
151-160" $4,500
161-170" $6,150
171-180" $7,250
181-190" $9,250
191-200" $10,500
201-210" $12,500
211-220" $13,500
221-230" $14,500
231-240" $15,000
241-250" $17,000
251"+ $18,500

Cancelation Policy

If the hunter cancels within 30 days of the scheduled hunt, or with adequate time (as determined by Legacy Ranch) to resell the hunt, we will refund your deposit less our processing feed and incurred expenses. Under certain circumstances and by agreement of both parties, the deposit can be transferred from one party to another or to a future hunt/service.​
If we are unable to provide the hunting service due to unforeseen circumstances (as determined by Legacy Ranch), we will attempt to make other arrangements as acceptable by the hunter. If an agreement cannot be reached, the hunt will be cancelled and payment to Legacy Ranch will be refunded. Legacy Ranch will not be responsible for reimbursement of license fees paid to the State of Texas or any other expenses related to the hunt.